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Nazi EDL attack Palestine Peace Protesters on Sat 12 June 2010

Geoff Dexter | 15.06.2010 10:07 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | Birmingham

15 EDL members attacked a Palestine Solidarity Campaign stall and peace vigil in solidarity with Palestine.

Hi all,

Please find below link to photos from Saturday.

The peace demonstration was made up of people of all backgrounds representing Birmingham's Diversity.

It followed the Israeli attack and murder of peace activists on a convoy to Gaza. The EDL chanted racist and islamophobic abuse and attacked one of the stalls, physically
assaulted protesters and threatened further violence.

The Palestine demonstrators held their ground and did not retaliate. In doing so we forced the police to finally remove the EDL. The peace demonstration continued for another 45 minutes afterwards growing to 100 people having drawn the support of the wider public. The message is clear the EDL will not be divide or intimidate us in our city and Nazis are not welcome here.

Clearly it is a worrying development that the EDL feel confident enough to attack Palestine demonstrations but the events on Saturday clearly show their actions carried no resonance with the wider public and we should not allow them to intimidate us. Unity and numbers are the key to defeating the far right and we should continue to hold our activities without fear, actively unite all of our communities both over the question of Palestine and through Unite Against Fascism.

If you want the full size photo just click on all sizes and download
the full image.

Kind regards

Geoff Dexter
Birmingham Ramallah Twinning Initiative.

Geoff Dexter


fuck the edl

15.06.2010 13:27

this was the edl,from their forum:
A few edl from the midlands mainly west mids(Approx 25),decided today would be a nice day to take a trip to Birmingham town center, have a few drinks and watch the england match,
Between pubs we came across stalls and various groups on about Freeing palestine,
somewhere in the process of asking what it was all about ,It was found out that we were EDL members,
As it was an informal meeting etc no one was wearing any insignia .
Well next thing we have a raging commie twat on a megaphone giving it the usual nazi bnp guard dogs racist bullshit,
By this time also a largish group of asian youths and commie sympathisers had gathered, and were getting a bit hostile,
Long story short, some of them decided the odds of 4/5-1 were good enough to come and try attacking us.
So naturally as we are a defence league, we defended ourselves,
After a couple of attacks the Commie,s and palestinian sympathisers decided the numbers were still not in their favour, And held back waiting for reinforcments, i should imagine,

Once the Police arrived
Despite women getting hit and bottles thrown at us, we were once again in the wrong,
We decided to leave this scene , As freeing palestine was not on our agenda Today,

We went on our way to do what was originally planned. have a beer a chat and watch the footy later,
Unfortunatley once the Police knew which bar we were in, The landlord decided we were not allowed any more service .. And Police asked us to leave the premises, But only by one door where we would be filmed and have our details taken,,
Well i dint leave by that door and wasnt filmed. As i am an ordinary citizen and dont agree with this big briother bullshit,
After it was realised we were not going to be allowed in anywhere,
it was decided to go home,
once again it was nice to meet more moderate Muslims , And commie stirrers,
And thanks Police officers, for once again making us look like we did something wrong,
If any pics come out ill post them.
i am proud to say We didnt take a backwards step, And only defended ourselves when attacked..

also see here on youtube:



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