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Time to Campaign against South Korea-Puppets of the US

UK KFA | 12.06.2010 07:47

Exposes the south Korean regime as anti people regime and a puppet regime

Time to Campaign against South Korea-Puppets of the US

The UK Korean Friendship Association is calling on progressive organisations to mount a campaign to fully expose south Korea as a puppet fascist regime and to give full support to the DPRK.
We need a campaign against south Korea along the lines of the campaigns against
Pinochets Chile,Apartheid South Africa and Zionist Israel.
South Korea is not an independent state it is a puppet regime rigged by the US imperialists.
In 1945 US troops landed in south Korea 2 weeks after Korea's liberation.They forcibly
dissolved the peoples committees and set up a puppet regime.They installed Syngham
Rhee an Americanised Korean as their puppet.Rhee 's rule was absolutist despotism
and fascism.Uprisings in Jeju island and Ryosu were put down by brutal force
US domination of south Korea is institutionalised through various legal mechanisms.Today 30,000 US troops and 1,000 nuclear weapons remain .US forces
committ robbery,rape and murder with total impunity.
The south Korean economy is dominated by US and Japanese multinationals and controlled by the IMF.Companies such as HSBC,Barclays,Exxon
are present in south Korea.
South Korea is swamped by American and Japanese culture which is
stifling and obliterate Korean culture and language.
The present ruler of south Korea Lee Myung Bak was born in Japan and is
half Japanese.
South Korea is also built on the repression of leftist and patriotic forces.The
leaders of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification Kim Jong Tae and Choi Young Do
were murdered by the puppet regime in 1969 and the leaders of the Strategic
Liberation Party and Peoples Revolutionary Party were murdered.Today in south
Korea the "National Security Law" is still in force which punishes leftist and communist
activities with minimum 7 years in jail.Lee Myung Bak has arrested scores of
pro reunification patriots and south Korean leftists.
South Korea maintains close relations with other reactionary and obnoxious regimes.In
the last few days zionist Israeli president Simon Peres visited south Korea.South Korea
in the past funded the former UK National Front(forerunner to the BNP) unlike their
American overlords told them it was bad PR.

It is time to push aside illusions about south Korea,it is a puppet, nazi style regime!

Support our campaign against the south Korean puppets and support the DPRK
the independent sovereign state on the Korean peninsula.

UK KFA will be picketing the south Korean puppet and US embassies on June 25th pm
further details from or



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