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TWO GM potato trial sites licensed this year

The future's organic | 11.06.2010 14:13 | Bio-technology | Ecology

The Norwich GM trial site has been made a national media story, but was the Leeds trial site publicised as much?

After hearing about the GM potato trial thats been given the go ahead at the John Innes research centre near Norwich (NR4 7UH), i was mildly surprised at how much detail was given about the location, thought they would try to keep it a little quieter. Looking into it a little more i discovered that consent has been granted for two trials starting this year. I know im not making any massive revelations here, the information is, after all in the public domain, but i was interested that no mention was made of this 2nd site on news i saw. Maybe the fences arent as high there...
The Norwich trial is now starting quite late, supposedly has '24 hour high security' (a fenced off area of around 600sqm can be seen on google earth), and would consist of a maximum of 400 plants planted in 300sqm.
The other trial, granted permission on 27th march, is on a larger scale, in fact 10 times larger. Permission has been granted for a maximum of 4000 plants on a plot of 1000sqm. This trial is being run by Leeds University at their Field Research Unit at Headley Hall farm, Spen Common Lane, Bramham, Tadcaster, LS24 9NT. Leeds uni even kindly produce directions, and a map of how to get there...
Both sites have permission for plantings this year, 2011 and 2012.

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