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New SHAC address

SHAC supporter | 07.06.2010 20:44 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

There is now a new address for SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty)

SHAC's website now lists a new address (from

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
BM SHAC, London, WC1N 3XX

The e-mail and telephone number will be remaining the same.

SHAC supporter
- Homepage:


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Time to call it a day?

08.06.2010 00:12

Is it not time to move on from SHAC? The success SHAC had in the early days doesn't work anymore since the law changed to stop home demonstrations, etc. SHAC have little support even within the AR (animal rights) movement. The name SHAC is an embarrassment. What is needed against vivisection is a strong coalition movement. Activists need good relations with the media and a good image in the public eye. SHACs attitude was; forget the public, forget the media, even... forget the AR movement.....this is all about the animals! This is a war!

AR is not a war. SHAC has failed.


Yes - let's move on

08.06.2010 07:21

The problem is that a lot of the old faces from SHAC are now forming the new coallition - so how much has really changed?


Same Postal Address as Combat 18

08.06.2010 07:31

BPP, London WC1N 3XX


Anti fash

Here we go again......

08.06.2010 08:06

B.M, now let me make this clear, stands for British Monomarks, this is a company who host addresses for hundreds of different groups and companies including anarchist, muslim extremist and yes far right groups. If this is an issue there are many other groups who have a BM address, why pick on SHAC?
To those who don't like SHAC well that is your right, no-one is stopping you picking your battles and getting on with it. What are you waiting for, someone to wipe your arse, hold your hand or lead you? According to you lot SHAC is finished and has been for years so WHY exactly have you not sorted out something better? I don't see the HSA, or CAFT, or CBAG or any other groups who fight hard for animal rights slagging off SHAC, they are just doing other campaigns effectively and separately. Nothing is stopping you stop whining and get yourselves sorted out.

Lynn Sawyer

pro animal abuse trolls are out in force

09.06.2010 09:15

The first three posts all seem like trolls from state or pro-vivisection agents (if they haven't been hidden by the time you read this).
Red Action, BM Box 37, London, WC1N 3XX

OMG! Red Action must be fascists as well! lol.

SHAC seems to be going great from what I can see. The fact this post provoked such obviously fake responses is a further indication of this too. No it's not "genuine dissenters", no genuine animal rights person with a disagreement over tactics would discuss them publicly on a site like this when they can obviously be used as negative propaganda.

Remember the beagles and other animals are still being force-fed weedkiller and other chemicals by the scumbags inside Huntingdon Life Sciences,