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Update on the JB Spray

Reposter | 07.06.2010 18:18 | Free Spaces

Last Thursday's court case went well for the occupiers. The case has been adjourned until the start of July. They intend to stay and continue to build their community.

Comment posted by barry:

sorry to not have put up an update earlier, but last thursday's court case went well. the case has been adjourned until around the 2nd, i'm not sure exactly of the date and like many took the opportunity to take a weekend break so have let details like this slip a bit.

the judges statement included a schedule by which a number of different things have to happen. this included requirements for the owner to file certain things at certain times and a deadline for ourselves to resubmit our defence.

our intention remains to stay and continue to build our community and any support in this would be very welcome. as well as building a community of people collectively tackling the issue of housing, we are keen to continue to develop the use of the space as a community resource through events and workshops.

we have large open spaces which can be used for all sorts of activities. we also have a certain amount of tools and materials that can be used.



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