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Autonomous 'Strawberry Fair' A Massive Success

Fair goer! | 06.06.2010 16:35 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Cambridge | World

Despite criticism from official fair organisers who told people not to go, the autonomous fair was a massive success!

Over 200 people gathered for a good time in Midsummer Common, Cambridge on the 5th June after Strawberry Fair was called off after pressure from the police. In the spirit of community people from across the city and elsewhere turned out to enjoy the sunshine and tell the police you can't cancel fun.

Many local people at the event I spoke to or overheard said that the event was better than the real Strawberry Fair and the atmosphere was certainly amazing.

A mobile police station, riot vans, cars, police vans and a police helicopter were deployed after statements were made by anarchists and others that ensured the police couldn't get away with cost cutting from stopping the event. The police clearly scored an own goal in this regard having to spend more time and resources but with no one to hand the bill!

A sound system provided a great source of entertainment and partying continued well after it got dark! There was no trouble and no arrests. Activists brought bin bags down to minimise mess and random people at the toilets worked out a system that avoided people having to pay their 20p!

Local activists had clearly made there point by ensuring the police turn out in force and were just there for a good time. There was no noticeable difference between the so-called 'Happy Fun Day' and the activists apart from the fact the latter made sure the police couldn't use there prevention of the fair as a cost cutting measure.

The Strawberry Fair will hopefully be back next year but there is no doubt this more autonomous event should happen again. We don't need organizers to have a good time. Next year lets bring along campaign stalls and the like as well and really make this a great community event.

Fair goer!


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06.06.2010 19:12

200 people is hardly anything compared to the usual turn-out. Exageration is so boring.


@ Arithmetitian

06.06.2010 20:47

What exaggeration? No one claimed there was the same turn-out. The people I spoke to said it was better than real SF, not there was more people. I think both events have there charms and both should be back!

Fair goer!

well done!

07.06.2010 00:12

well done to every one that turned up at Midsummer common on 5th June - no arrests - can't be bad!
The important point was that the message was sent out to the police that the common is ours to use.
Good community spirit!


stupid police

09.06.2010 12:46

Good fun day, reminded me of why I will never ever want to date a girl from Cambridge!

Seeing Cambridgeshire Police forward intelligence unit show up, but what with this being East Anglia, they showed up on a horse and cart using a 1860s box camera, and when they saw the old lady reading tarot cards, they panicked fearing witchcraft and headed back to the station to find the nearest Anglican priest.

Also don't confuse the locals and talk about the "police helicopter", they call it the "flying black magical beast monster that hath made a pact with the local magistrate"

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