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(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) Israel threatens to board the Rachel Corrie (by Latuff)

Latuff | 05.06.2010 09:31 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Terror War | World

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Israel threatens to board the Rachel Corrie
Israel threatens to board the Rachel Corrie

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Have I got this right?

05.06.2010 20:21

The bad, big Zionist fish with the sharp teeth is going to escort the poor helpless SS St Pancake with its peace-loving activists (no bearded loony radical Islamists on board this time seeking martyrdom, oh no) to the nearest port and deliver yet more electric wheelchairs, out of date medicine, colouring books and cement for reinforcing bunkers and arms-smuggling tunnels to those nice Hamas people in Gaza.


No not really

06.06.2010 11:40

This might be a shock to you as you've clearly been living on planet israel where all but you and all your fellow suffers of Anton's blindness can't see what I and the vast majority of the sane, just seeking world see. That is that the sharp teeth in the cartoon represent israel's huge US sponsored military capacity.
The' SS pancake' ?Well sorry but i think this must be another consequence of your affliction. As for beardy loving fanatics ... pathetic. Electric wheelchairs? And? Oh they're no doubt a deadly weapon! I get it. It's just so hard sometimes too see the twisted world that you do.
I'd like to say live long and prosper but that would be a lie.