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Dissident Island Radio tonight

Dissident Werewolf | 04.06.2010 16:50 | Flotilla to Gaza | Rossport Solidarity | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Palestine | South Coast | World

TAA // EDO decomissioners // Autonomous spaces in London // Gaza Flotilla // Methyr to Mayo bike ride // Hitsuji Tekinniku Display Team

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Tonight's show will feature:

> the TAA - a Temporary Autonomous Art DIY exhibition celebrating creativity in all it's expressions this weekend in London;

> an update from SmashEDO on the decommissioners trial starting on 7 June;

> several folks active in the the London social centre scene, in collectives like the rampART, 195 Mare Street, about the ins and outs of organising autonomous spaces in the capital of capital;

> Eliza, a Free Gaza organiser, on the death of folks on the Free Gaza Flotilla, at the hands of Israeli forces;

> words from the brave cyclists nearing the end of the Merthyr to Mayo cycle ride, on linking community struggle and this weekend's Rossport Solidarity gathering;

> and the Hitsuji Tekinniku Display Team with be scratchin' and spinnin' live...not to be missed!

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