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URGENTcartoon for free reproduction: Netanyahu, Bloodthirsty pirate (by Latuff)

Latuff | 04.06.2010 07:18 | University Occupations for Gaza | Palestine | Terror War | World

(Artwork for free reproduction in magazines, newspapers, blogs)

Netanyahu, Bloodthirsty pirate
Netanyahu, Bloodthirsty pirate

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Against Genocide

04.06.2010 10:06

Arr, I'm a fan of Carlos Latuff, I took an image of his octopus cartoon on a demo, but I think he's being unfair on Pirates by tarring us with the same brush as Netanyahu. The siege of Gaza is better compared to other major crimes by states because it's objective is to force the Palestinians to leave.
Pirates have acted against injustice as well as perpetrating it. Mutinies by the sailors are part of the process whereby democracy is won. The Somali pirates are reacting against the dumping of poisons on their coast line me lovelies!

Pirates and Emperors by Schoolhouse Rock / Saint Augustine
"Because I do it with a petty ship I am called a robber. Whilst thou; who does the same with a great fleet; art styled Emperor"

Ginger Beard