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Western News Agencies Distort Live Satellite Feed from Gaza Aid Flotilla

Lloyd Hart | 03.06.2010 20:02 | Flotilla to Gaza | Palestine | Repression | World

While watching the live satellite feed video from Al Jazeera television in the early morning of the violent attacks on the Gaza aid flotilla the chronology of events is clear.

Western News Agencies Distort Live Satellite Feed from Gaza Aid Flotilla

By Lloyd Hart

While watching the live satellite feed video from Al Jazeera television in the early morning of the violent attacks on the Gaza aid flotilla the chronology of events is clear. The Israeli's fired on the vessel Mavi Marmara before boarding. After that, the live satellite feed camera focuses on the initial wounded and then after that the camera moves to the top deck and at that point the Israeli commandos land on the upper deck and are attacked by clearly enraged individuals who have just witnessed their friends being shot, some to death and are suffering psychological shock as a result of Israeli terrorism. This, however, is not what western news agencies are showing.

What he western news agencies are doing is distorting the video from Al Jazeera showing the attacks on the Israeli commando's first out of context with the original satellite feed. This act of subversion of the truth is clearly a deliberate attempt to prevent the truth from getting out to the western public. One of the most popular newspapers in Briton committed this act of subversion, the Guardian, on it's online web site.

Most news outlets in the west are following the Israeli propaganda line of showing the top deck Mavi Marmara confrontation between activists and Israeli commandos using Al Jazeera video out of context or are showing Israeli video that strictly focuses attention on their deliberate propaganda line, which of course is a well designed lie.

Even Al Jazeera English has edited their own video to show the upper deck confrontation first and has removed the on board reporters comments that clearly state that the Israel's fired on the Mavi Marmara before boarding. This is interesting and reveals America's hand behind the scenes threatening Al Jazeera as the U.S. would be the only power they would be threatened by.

In the videos shown at the below link shows the original satellite video feed as well as the Israeli video which shows the conflict of chronology between the two videos.

Here is another source of the Al Jazeera satellite feed from the Mavi Marmara

The Huffington Post attempts to show as much of the available video as possible.

With reporters on the Mavi Marmara stating that the Israeli's opened fire with live ammunition killing and wounding some of the passengers prior to boarding the vessel and the speed by which the Israeli's released it's video and propaganda onslaught, one could easily come to the conclusion that it was the Israeli plan all along to open fire prior to boarding the Mavi Marmara. That the Israeli's did this in order to provoke a violent reaction from some of the activists on board the ship that Israeli's could then catch on video and thus justify to the world the violence, murder and piracy Israel has clearly committed. Whether the resulting propaganda spewing out of Israel and their zionist colleagues hear in america is just damage control or the conspiracy outlined above is irrelevant at this point.

Former Bush National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley was just on MSNBC claiming a broad conspiracy by the flotilla activists to run the blockade of Gaza, provoke Israeli violence, gain international sympathy to lift the blockade so later when the blockade is lifted the same activists could smuggle in weapons. This is patently absurd as the smuggling of weapons through the tunnels is going along just fine. If it were just weapons the people in Gaza needed, there wouldn't be an issue. Gaza is not short on weapons. Gaza is short on food, medical and infrastructure supplies and this speaks to the collective punishment used by the British and Americans throughout their history that murdered millions of civilians and is used widely by the Israeli's throughout to do the same since British and American backed European and American zionists stole Palestine from the people living there at the time and renamed it Israel.

I think it is important to get a grip on what the British and American backed European and American zionists did and why the Palestinian People keep fighting. British and American backed European and American zionists stole Palestine from the Palestinian People.

Under international law the Palestinians have a right to use violence to get Palestine back. This is what the fighting is all about. An immense amount of treasure has been spent by the U.S. to ensure the stolen land stays in zionist hands. Part of the reason for this seemingly absurd U.S. national security policy that creates more enemies then it pacifies is simply that the the zionists have agreed not to expose America's role in financing the Nazis in Germany into power and then financing the Nazi's secret arms build up which is surfacing now anyway.

American zionists have been using this tact from the very beginning of the land theft according to former Israeli intelligence officials whom also revealed to me that the Mosad continues to collect intelligence on American politicians in order to twist arms.

This sickening codependent relationship and all the violence that has been caused by it, could end tomorrow if the Israeli's would just agree to the Arab League's proposal of a two state solution along the 1967 boarders between Gaza and the West Bank.

Sadly however this will not be allowed to happen because Israeli is ruled by far worse religious fanatics than anyone the Palestinians can offer up. What makes the zionists worse you ask? It's that they are in the wrong and Israel as the so-called Jewish state sits on stolen land that the Israeli's claim is based on religious fiction made up by religious fanatics. The Zionists are the victims of their own propaganda.

Now I don't fault Jews wanting to get out of Europe and America after all that has happened them but to attempt to establish a Jewish state in a land where most of the Jews converted to Islam anyway is pure psychosis brought on yes by the oppression the Jews by the Europeans and Americans but still psychotic.

By following the zionist path the Israelis have become psychopathic murderers just like the Europeans and Americans and must be stop by all means necessary and if this means Palestinians resorting to violence to defend themselves from the zionist invader, so be it. I support their right to get their land back from the zionist thieves that stole it in the first place. And I am sure the majority of the planet would agree with me.

Lloyd Hart
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