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Life grows on at the Earth Centre

welovetheearthcentre | 01.06.2010 22:21 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

Guerilla gardeners jumped the fence and took action to reclaim herbs and cuttings from the closed and wasted Earth Centre google welovetheearthcentre blog for images of the swoop and the abundant plant and wildlife

On Monday, activists climbed the fence guarding the still empty Earth Centre and did some gardening. For 6 years now the Earth Centre has been closed to the community and each year a whole harvest of amazing herbs and plants has gone unattended. While the plants thrive the buildings gather dust and as community struggle for resources the Earth Centre resources remain locked behind very closed doors. Back in October the community pleaded with council to allow the people in to harvest the apples, they were lied to and refused so they took apple action and retrived a healthy hoard of juicy apples.

As the only people that appear to have permission to use the site still are the MOD and RTTG, community activists again took action on monday and collected roots and cuttings for propagation so they can be shared and enjoyed by all.

To see pictures of the swoop and the wide variety of plant and wildlife please google if it doesnt work the first time try again its an amazing place and we hope that the people can share it once again.

The Earth Centre could feed an entire community and has enough life to be enjoyed by all, why it is closed to the public and heavily guarded remains a mystery to most, we think that one day its doors will be opened for the people by the people, sharing is the way forward!

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