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Islamophobic EDL rally with Zionists at Israel Embassy Weds 7pm 2nd June 2010

anon | 01.06.2010 22:20 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-racism | Palestine | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The Islamophobic football hooligans of the English Defence League [EDL] are holding a rally tomorrow Wednesday 2nd June from 7pm with Zionists outside the Israel Embassy to defend Zionism and Israel. They have held protests with Zionist SIOE before. There have been International protests against Israel this weekend following the massacre of aid workers in International waters by the Israel Navy.

People who are appalled at the EDL and timing of this rally should go to the Israel Embassy to counter protest tomorrow evening.
People have been protesting all around the world this week after the Israel Navy opened fire with machine guns against aid workers on the Freedom Flotilla who were taking medicines and food to Palestinians in Gaza. Many were killed.

The English Defence League are mostly racist football hooligans with links to right wing political groups including the BNP. They are funded by Zionist millionaire Alan Lake and have protested alongside Zionists from Stop Islamification of Europe before.
This rally held by the EDL in defence of Israel is enough to disgust anybody and antifascists will be there to oppose the EDL.



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01.06.2010 22:59

Where did this come from? Couldn't find anything about it on the EDL website or on a quick web search. Would be very interesting if it's true, but it would be useful to know the original source.



02.06.2010 09:47

i've seen it on the EDL london (brentford) facebook group.


Alan Lake

02.06.2010 11:42

Would be interesting to hear more about the link with Alan Lake - is their a source for this?


Nothing wrong with Zionists

02.06.2010 15:53

After all Israel DOES have the right to exist.


It's on English Defence League London division facebook.

02.06.2010 16:14

The EDL are proving that they are scum.


Neo-Nazi Freak Shows

03.06.2010 09:31

That man in the priets's outfit wearing a crucifix, looks like a character from the Fast Show.


Re: Nothing wrong with Zionists

03.06.2010 13:11

"After all Israel DOES have the right to exist."

Unfortunately the state of Israel could not have existed without ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homeland. Morally and ethically the state of Israel should not exist, but since it does a two state solution is necessary, ethnically cleansing the Israelis would be as much an evil as the Israelis themselves committed in 1948.

Returning to the 1967 borders would be the best solution, and for a lasting peace in the Middle East.


Nothing wrong with Zionism?

03.06.2010 14:35

Zionism does not only say that Israel has the right to exist, it says that Israel has the right to exist at the expense of other states, and basic human rights. There is not nothing wrong with this.