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Sounds on the Downs returns on June 9th!

Sounds on the Downs | 31.05.2010 20:32 | Culture | Education | Free Spaces

Nottingham's only 100% renewably powered greenfields festival returns on the 9th June from 1-9pm.

After a massive success last year, with well over a thousand people attending this years Sounds is shaping up to be better then ever before...

A festival which marries the yin and the yang of student activism, environmental awareness and social justice with a party atmosphere! Dancing, workshops and an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the world. Bands, DJs, vegetarian food, drum jams, acoustic music, poetry, plays, acrobats, jugglers, taichi and loads of stalls with information about campaigns and community groups from all over Nottingham.

The festival is free and open to all!

Music: Reggae, Funk, Acoustic, Ska, Dubstep, DnB, Punk, Folk and more

Confirmed so far (in no particular order):
Rob Digweed Quartet (
Manieres des Bohemians
The Twice
Moonbuggy (
Salmagundi (

David and the Sun - Lorna Robinson - Will Jeffrey - George Crossley and Kat Marshall - Ben Strutt and Tom Lennie - Harri Olins - Nick Sheqz - Elias Diamantis - Rich Taylor - Joe Slater - Maddie Jones -Ahoy! Pirates Gaaarrrrggh!- Sami and Greg - James Fawdon - Anna Starling -Domo - George Godson - Gallery 47 - Riot 4 Disco - Daniel Cliffe

The Poetry and Performance Tent brings you the best in spoken word and performance poetry with a little bit of comedy and acting thrown in. Featuring Student Improv Society and more.


Hatmaking, knitting workshops, hula hooping, dancing, learn how to basket weave building a huge tree and all sorts of secret stuff that you'll find out about. A big Yoga session?? Why not...

The very best locally produced food. Pancakes, Burritos, Burgers and much more.

Home knitted hats and socks. Fairtrade Jewellery. Pin the tail on the donkey. Campaign groups. Environmentalists all over the place.
Free Shop:

This year at Sounds on The Downs we will be having another amazing free shop. It'll have clothes, books and lots more.
If there's anything you'd like to give away please feel free to drop it off at either and we'll take it to SOTD on the day:
222 Derby Road (with Lotty)
The Environment Office (B Floor in Portland Building) with Tom Williams.

Sounds on the Downs
- e-mail: suenvironment(at)
- Homepage:


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