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HOW TO piss off Nokia without leaving your chair

versus berlin | 31.05.2010 12:06 | Repression | Technology

The Nokia corporation just launched a new online marketing campaign. It is an alternate reality game named "Conspiracy for good".

In the game users take part in some kind of ersatz struggle against a fictitious corporation named "Blackwell Briggs" which is supposed to sell surveillance technology to governments.

Now Nokia does just that. They sold technology to intercept communications of Iranian protesters to the government of Iran.

See Wikipedia:

Fortunately this bigotted marketing shit can be attacked easily. The game just launched a week ago or so and there arent many users and content yet. We can now have a significant impact in a critical early stage of their marketing campaign.

It takes only 5 minutes.

1. get an anonymous email address
2. sign up at
3. post in a forum or create a cause and link to the wikipedia article (or use or do some other creative thing
4. repeat

Have fun.

versus berlin