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flotilla attack: downing street demo already begun

rikki | 31.05.2010 10:30 | Flotilla to Gaza

there was a call-out for an 11am demo at the foreign office in response to the israeli lethal attack on the freedom flotilla in international waters. however as those offices are all closed, activists have already moved to downing street and are calling out for support before the '(couldn't) stop the war coalition' protest called for 2pm

as there are simply no staff at the foreign office, protestors have moved up to downing street, a two minute walk away, and at 11.15 there were already at least 30 people gathered outside the gates.

(C)STWC have called a protest at 2pm which they will probably steward into the 'freedom zone' on the opposite side of the road, but at present protestors are holding the space directly outside the gates and are asking for support.

many are already known to be on their way.

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  1. numbers are swelling get down here if you can! — anon
  2. listen up — free free palestine