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Good Bye, Strawberry Fair!

The Strawberry Pickers Committee | 30.05.2010 16:43 | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Cambridge

See ya on the day!

The Strawberry Fair was once an autonomous, non-corporate, free space. While we recognise the years of hard work by the organisers it has sadly become steadily more commercialised over the years.

Unlike the others planning to be there on the day, we are not going there to get the fair 're-licensed' – if the cops want a ban so be it. We would like to see this event take place as a yearly festival of resistance!

If the filth plan to use this as an excuse to ban the fair let em' – lets use this as a radical mobilisation of all those opposed to the way society is controlled.

We will be there, we will not cause trouble to local residents, we are locals and people from across the UK, we know who our are opposition are and we are ready.

We are a large national alliance of similarly minded individuals who have been organizing from went the fair was called off. We all have very different politics, but we all agree on action. This is our first public statement and we believe the first the filth will have heard of us.

See you on the 5th June!

The Strawberry Pickers Committee


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