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whitehall gaza protest - call-out for support

[London] | 30.05.2010 14:22 | Flotilla to Gaza | London

freedom flotilla solidarity activists have begun protests outside downing street, the foreign office and parliament. they are calling out for support to maintain protest all afternoon.

a group of activists began a protest outside downing street at 12.30 today, unfurling banners and using a megaphone to highlight the imminent military threat that the 'freedom flotilla' boat convoy faces from israel.

the activists are calling for the the government and foreign office to speak out against any obstruction, attempt to board, or imprisonment of british citizens on the boats.

there are currently thought to be six boats approaching gaza, with more than six hundred international activists and monitors, including MPs from several countries.

israel has threatened to use military force to stop the flotilla which is attempting to deliver 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to gaza. among the items on board are building materials such as glass, tiles, cement and wood, as well as medicines, clothing, paper, blankets, and also books, musical instruments, baby food and choclate, all of which are banned by the present israeli siege on gaza.

shortly after the protest began outside downing street, diplomatic police arrived, followed by police from charing cross. rather than using socpa, they first suggested that member of the public had complained that they felt intimidated by the protest, but then they quoted anti-terrorism traffic regulation orders (ATTRO) to suggest moving the protest to the 'free speech' zone on the other side of the road well away from downing street. while open to negotiation, the activists were resistant to this request.

they are planning to continue protests outside parliament square, the foreign office (also in whitehall), and at downing street for the rest of the day, and are urging people to come and support them.


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