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BNP's Red White and Blue Festival Cancelled.

santa claws | 25.05.2010 16:19 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival

According to Leicestershire BNP Regional Meeting Minutes.

Leicestershire BNP; Minutes of Regional Meeting, May 2010

The Meeting began with an excellent presentation by our East Midlands BNP Regional Fundholder who guided candidates and agents through all aspects of the paperwork needing to be completed following the General Election. It was agreed that all had learned more of the procedure which will stand Party members in good stead for future elections.

BNP Regional Elections Officer, Cllr. Wayne McDermott, followed with an analysis of the Election Results. He explained the facts, and the percentages, which showed how well BNP East Midlands region had done, contrary to the pessimistic reviews of the Party performance by opponents and the media.
EM saved deposits for the 1st. time (8), while the Greens only saved 5 across the whole country; at 34, the highest number of candidates, beating UKIP in 25 of 32 seats, and beating English Democrats in every seat they stood; attendance at several Hustings; an average of 4.5% vote, against 3% in 2005; all 7 seats contested in 2005 see growth in BNP support.
In Leicestershire, 3 deposits were saved with another missing by 8 votes; Leicester West a fantastic result of 6%, with the main area of vote determined. NWL was up 3.4% on 2005 with 6. 5%. Leicester East saw the BNP candidate being asked by Asian folk where they could vote for him as they don't want Keith Vaz.

The other Counties of the EM were discussed in depth; a shock result for Grantham and Stamford at 4.7%, an enormous amount of work by the candidate had paid off here; Boston & Skegness saved their deposit - and beat UKIP in their best seat in Lincolnshire; Derbyshire, a wonderful effort by Erewash - a new Branch - and Amber Valley, with 7% the 29th in the country. In Notts., Nottingham North and Ashfield were picked out for special mention.

Geoff Dickens, EM Regional Organiser, had attended an intensive 2-day AC Meeting, and he began by requesting questions from the floor concerning the current situation and online smears. These were taken after he had spoken of the enormous progress made by the Party, and the improvements which will be implemented:

We now have more members in the EM than there were in the country when Nick Griffin took over;
100s of enquiries and 300-400 to come;
Over 3.5 thousand more members than last year, with membership in 2005 tying in with percentage.
Geoff remarked that this time it was the South-West's turn to have problems (ours before, with Sadie Graham and her fellow wreckers).
He reiterated that most small Parties were squeezed out at the GE by the 'American Presidential' style Election; if Nick went, the problems would remain the same, and there is no-one who could take the pressure like him.
We own the Truth Truck, Jenny Noble has the receipt for £19,000 paid just before the RWB.
Midas is a facilitator, necessary where the BNP has been refused credit (e.g.: Barclays.
Regarding info packs, since April 1st. 10,000 had not been processed, thanks to Simon Bennett.
No longer will individuals be in sole charge of areas, the website being one; the Regional Press Officer will speak to the Press, and we do not speak to freelance journalists.

The Party will be encouraging younger, capable people, with a view to educating them into Party policies.

There will not be a RWB this year, but there will be an event. Contact your RO to find out more.

Sub-Regional Organisers will identify areas for mailshots.
A productive Question and Answer session followed. Due to the nature of the Meeting, there was no collection, raffle or teas to declare.

Geoff tells me that Mr. Dowson will be sending a (long!) article to LCV and we look forward to publishing that.

santa claws


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Tis true

26.05.2010 20:47

http:// /2010/05/26/red-white-and-blue-2010-cancelled/

Split link.

Cancelled Party

From the horse's mouth

28.05.2010 14:40

http:// ambervalleymatters .org/?p=1023

Love the spin they're trying to put on this - cancelled to help the police with their anti-terrorism budget! Keep repeating those lies, Lewis...

Santas little helper

festical cancelled .. and the votes still keep going up

29.05.2010 14:12

..anti-fascists .. you are missing the point .. the RWB was not neccessary to the BNP .. they are winning on the door to door and in the pubs .. thats where we need to be ..