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Oppose the EDL in Newcastle - transport from Nottingham

Charlie S | 20.05.2010 18:31 | Anti-racism

Notts Stop the BNP is organising transport from the East Midlands to the anti-EDL demonstration called by 'North East Against Racism' (NEAR) on 29th May.
For more information or to book a place either respond to this email or contact NottmStopBNP (at)

The statement and details of the NEAR protest is below.

Anti-racist protest: meet 10am at Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne 29 May 2010

The English Defence League – a group of racists,nationalists and football hooligans – plan to march in Newcastle on 29 May 2010. We will oppose them.
The EDL claim that they oppose ‘Muslim extremism’. In fact, they are racists who seek to provoke conflict and disunity. At previous marchesthey have chanted racist slogans and made Nazi salutes. They have staged protests outside mosques and ran riot in Luton, attacking bystanders. This disgusting behaviour aims to stir up racial hatred towards Muslims and Asian people in general.
We resist the EDL’s attempts to divide our communities. We need to stand together against those who exploit or oppress us – unity iss trength! The EDL’s racist provocation is an attack on us all.

Contact for further info or to get involved: North East Against Racism

Charlie S
- e-mail: NottmStopBNP (at)
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