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Critical Mass - next Friday!

Radford cyclist | 18.05.2010 17:34 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Free Spaces

Critical Mass seems to have gone into hibernation in recent months... which is a shame because it is needed more than ever. All cyclists and other non-motorised transport users are invited to meet in Market Square at 5pm on Friday 28th May to restart this great tradition.

Critical Mass is about reclaiming the streets for sensible modes of transport...
it's about beating gridlock and making the roads safe for cyclists...
it's about celebrating freedom of movement and freedom to breathe clean air...
it's about meeting up with your mates and total strangers to go on a bike about town...

It's going to happen on the last Friday of every month, starting by meeting up at 5pm in the Market Square.

Bring friends, banners, tunes, love and rage.

Radford cyclist


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20.05.2010 16:13

Check out past and future rides, and find links for other Critical Masses worldwide via

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