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Calais riot cops not 'fascist'?

no borders person | 15.05.2010 10:41 | Anti-racism | Migration

It's a crime in France to insult the police and they take particular offence to the term 'fascist'.

Perhaps there's some other word to describe their behaviour towards migrants here in Calais?
As well as the daily snatch squads grabbing people in the street and bundling them into vans under the noses of passer-by, there's the random beatings. Yesterday, I saw a man with blood all over his mouth and hands who had just been attacked by police in the street, without warning or provocation. They recognised that he was a migrant and felt free to just go ahead with a beating.
Every night, the CRS (riot cops) raid places they know the migrants are sleeping in, smashing up tents, pouring water over bedding, hitting people, checking papers, arresting and carting people away, only to release the majority later and repeat the process the following day. It's a pretty constant state of persecution that leaves migrants, children amongst them, traumatised. Among the many injuries from one attack last night, one man appears to have a fractured knee and ribs.
Sorry, can't think of another word for them than fascists..

no borders person