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Defend the Right to Protest Israeli War Crimes.

2%Human | 14.05.2010 01:01 | Palestine | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

There is disturbing evidence that laws are being used to stifle
political protest; especially when it concerns protest against Israel.
The severity of the sentences passed on demonstrators outside the Israeli
Embassy during the bombing of Gaza is unprecedented. Charges of racist
conduct against demonstrators in Scotland have been rejected by the courts.

A meeting held at the Friends Meeting House in Sheffield organised by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, to hear from two protesters who were at the demonstrations against the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza at the turn of the year who witnessed the brutal and racist actions of the police and subsequent disproportionate sentences handed down by a racist judge to the predominantly dark skinned protesters who were arrested at the protest.

These two protesters were so shocked by the discriminatory, islamophobic attitudes of the British 'Justice' system that they are working with the Gaza Demonstrators Support Campaign to bring peoples attention to the plight of the jailed protesters and are campaigning in their support.

A call was made to support the Campaign with donations and action.

Mick Napier of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign who was a member of a group of protesters who were charged with race crimes after they were arrested protesting the Israeli War Crimes in Gaza. You can read more about the case here,

Andy Worthington has more here....

Further Action.

62 years of the Palestinian Catastrophe 'Nakba'. Protest at Sheffield Town Hall 11 am Saturday 15th May 2010.

Gaza Demonstrators Support Campaign continues

14 May – Bradford: 4.30pm, Claremont Community Centre, 15 Claremont, Bradford, BD7 1BG, (Organised by United for Palestine)

14 May – Leeds: 7pm. Unison Office, 160a Woodhouse Lane. Leeds LS2 9EN, (Organised by Leeds) PSC

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