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Calais, ville propre

[London] | 10.05.2010 14:22 | London

A silent protest was held near an official ceremony, celebrating the triumph over fascism in World War II. Activists wore white overalls with images of arrests of Afghan migrants and of some of the repeated raids on, and thefts at, ‘Africa House’, all perpetrated by the French authorities.

Apparently unable to bear the embarassment and shame of having the ugly truth made available for all to see, the two activists wearing the display were promptly handcuffed and whisked away by the police. They also arrested activists filming the event. All were released shortly after.

Then No Borders activists and a substantial number of migrants participated in a protest called by the C’SUR collective against the harassment of migrants in Calais. Following the demo, participants headed towards the site of daily food distribution. Three police vehicles arrived and officers poured out to try and arrest the migrants. They succeeding in catching five of them, one of whom was on crutches and therefore unable to escape.

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