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The Kurdish Teacher trade unionists and 4 other activist been executed by Isalmi

Kawah | 09.05.2010 18:20 | Globalisation | Repression | Workers' Movements | World

Despite campaign and efforts by International Trade Union Confederation and other progressive groups which were published here

Islamic regime showed its brutality against humanity and complete lack of respect for international obligations.

Execution of Kurdish political activist by Islamic regime, has spread anger among progressive people all over the world.

The Iranian regime’s official news agency reported Sunday morning May 9th that five political prisoners, Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili, Shirin Alam Hooyi and Mehdi Eslamyan, who were sentenced to death penalty by a court of the criminal Islamic regime in Iran, have been hanged early morning in Evin Prison.

These five political prisoners are executed despite the large wave of protests both at home and abroad and by the international bodies and human rights institutions since the issue of their death sentences; The Islamic regime, without the slightest regard for the requests to revoke these inhumane charges, carried out the death sentences this Sunday morning. The execution of these five political prisoners shows that this regime is capable of committing any crime and currently the threat of execution is hovering above the head of a number of other political prisoners in the prisons of the inhumane Islamic regime in Iran.

The criminal regime in Iran knows well that the wave of crackdowns on the street protesters, shooting the demonstrators and killing them, stuffing the prisons with fighting and protesting people and torturing and raping them have all failed to intimidate the freedom-loving Iranian people; Now the regime has started the execution of the political prisoners in the prisons as the last bullet in its gun in order to curb the people who have stood up in defence of their fundamental rights. This criminal policy is part of systematic and deliberate actions that the regime takes in order to overcome a political crisis that has paralyzed the whole system.

Now that the regime is facing with large waves of protests and resistance on the streets, in the universities, factories and workshops all over the country, plus the exacerbating economic crisis out of which it sees no exit, in these circumstances, we should not allow the Iranian regime to direct its attacks on the defenceless political prisoners in the prisons in an attempt to intimidate the people outside the prisons. We should foil these criminal policies of the regime by expanding our struggles for freeing all the political prisoners.

The regime should know that attacking the lives of the political prisoners will cost it high. They should understand that they can not secretly hang the political prisoners one by one and in groups without suffering any consequences. The freedom-loving and fighting people in Kurdistan and all other parts of Iran will not forget the blood of those young people so far shed. Execution of these five people will without any doubt cause a wave of hatred and disgust against the regime among the people in Kurdistan and all around Iran, but in order to stop the regime from continuing the executions, something more than anger and hatred is needed. In order to release and save these youth and our beloved children from the claws of the torturers and assassins in the Islamic regime, we need to step up our struggles for their release.

The Communist Party of Iran and its Kurdistan organization Komala announce their deep sympathy with the families and the relatives of these executed prisoners and calls up on all the freedom-loving and fighting people all over Iran and Kurdistan to defend the lives of other prisoners on the execution row. These political prisoners are the children of the people who have been for more than three decades resisting the oppression and dictatorship, fighting against violating their most fundamental rights and have never so far given up against all the atrocities and brutalities of the Islamic regime in Iran. This regime should know this time too that it will not only intimidate the people by this kind of actions, but on the contrary will add more oil to the flames of the people’s anger.

Communist Party of Iran
May 9th 2010

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