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Rave Against the Machine

Rave Against the Machine | 05.05.2010 17:24 | Mayday 2010 | Culture | Free Spaces

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Despite May Day's weather turning foul at 4pm we had about 600-500 people down at Leake St graffiti tunnel.

The original plan was to wonder out into the sunshine, however with torrental rain we decided to stay put.

The police kept their distance and didn't cause any trouble.

A big thanks for the D*I Soundsystem and the Kew Bridge's shopping trolley soundsystem. Also a great addition was the Rhythms of Resistance samba band.

We want to make these events more regular in London and are planning another one in the next few weeks, hopefully with better weather!

If anyone else wants to get involved or contribute please do!

Rave Against the Machine


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love to

06.05.2010 20:49

love to get involved.

what are the contact details??


intelligent raver