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The police in Kirklees on a rampage

Hannah Kay | 29.04.2010 18:49 | Analysis | Anti-racism | Migration

A hard look at how the police force in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, are failing the working class, while pursuing a fanatical campaign against foreign workers in the area.

The police in Kirklees are really getting out of hand. All but one of these these anti-migrant raids have occurred within the last 8 months: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

There is a clear purge going on against migrant communities in Huddersfield, who's only crime was to add to our culture with their cuisine, and in at least the case of the 88 staff, their friendly attitudes. Along the way, some cigarettes may have changed hands, well good on them! We're being well and truly robbed by tobacco tax in the UK. I'm happy to smoke, but I'd rather not be damaging my health AND bailing out the banks, financing illegal wars and putting more of these armed thugs in uniform on the streets with the same packet!

10% of Huddersfield's population was not born in the UK and we greatly value them here. Yes, there's some minor tension with the whole "British jobs for British workers" nonsense, but that's the fault of capitalism, not the migrants. If there we lived in an anarcho-communist world, then we'd welcome each new member to our community as would bring down the working week for all of us, instead of being used as a tool to lower wages and cut jobs by employers. Anyway, I'm rambling again as we're supposed to be talking about the cops.

Where were the police when Gurmail Singh was being murdered by a gang with hammers? Six local people managed to respond faster than the police, who were probably out looking at who they can throw out of Huddersfield next, instead of protecting the public they they pretend to do. Yes, I know he is petit-bourgeois, but he certainly has no political control of the country and his 24 hour was a godsend when you needed a pack of ciggies in the middle of the night. Most that knew him said he was a likable man who provided a useful service to his community. He was a nice guy and didn't deserve this at all. A loss to the community of Huddersfield.

I've personally witnessed the armed police in Huddersfield pulling Asian men out of cars at gunpoint on Wakefield Road and holding them on the floor with their boots. I don't know what their crime was, but judging from the tatty condition of the car they were in, I'm guessing they were not exactly the Mafia.

Police in Huddersfield have also been cracking down on drug dealers in the area lately, mainly around the Moldgreen area which is experiencing its own gentrification issues.

They even had the balls to proudly announce how many doors a month that they're kicking down to the local paper!

What's really showing them up though is that the intelligence that they're using to haul these people out of their homes is being proven to be out of date, inaccurate and even utterly false!

While living in Huddersfield, in the past five years, I have also had my own home broken into by West Yorkshire Police twice, both times without a warrant. Once when I was in hospital and once when my housemate was physically assaulted by CID, who were looking for my landlord who'd skipped bail. On that second occasion, plain clothed officers broke down the door to my own room and started searching in my wardrobes and under my bed for him, while I was still in bed myself! They had no warrant in either case and used physical force to enter the properties.

Not as if there's any point putting in a complain to the IPCC. The policemen who have murdered members of the public have got off scott free. The High Court rules exclusivly in the favour of what best suits the state's intrests. In fact, the only time the police ever question thier tactics is when thier own skins are in the firing line.

Kirklees council is not helping matters with their overzealous attempts to tempt the gentry into Moldgreen, by even going as far as to place an ASBO restraining order on two family's own homes, simply because the new middle class residents "suspected" that they may be drug dealers.

There is certainly more to that story than the article suggests as this was actually on my road. The shouting and fighting was all from a single incident where some stuck-up middle-class asshole who thought he'd try take photos through the curtains to "shop the dealers" got caught, refused to wipe the film and then became aggressive. I wasn't friends with the people in the Church Street house, but everyone knew that if you left them alone, they will leave you alone.

The idiot was from the newly built, gentrified vanguard on Leef Street's new walled block of flats. It wasn't surprising when two weeks later there seemed to be a response when a Mercedes Benz, no doubt belonging to the residents of these yuppie flats, was torched.

Meanwhile, Kirklees police officers have been spotted not only turning a blind eye to, but actually taking part in fox hunts in the local area and driving the wrong way down the motorway! Naturally, the criminal-justice system closed ranks and dropped all charges against them quickly.

It has become very clear that the police in Kirklees are totally out of control. They are using taxpayers money to fund a racist campaign against ethnic minorities and appeasing the gentry while turning a blind eye to real crimes in Kirklees such as serious violent crime. Is it any wonder that the police now need to have an advertising campaign now to try win back public support? If they think putting posters up and adverts on TV telling me how "great" it is that there's so many of these thugs in blue on our streets then they're sorely wrong.

Police are everywhere. Justice is nowhere.

Hannah Kay
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