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Occupation of the Hellenic Centre in London

anarchist solidarity | 27.04.2010 18:23

The Building of the Hellenic Centre in the heart of London is occupied since earlier this noon, 3 banners are flying on the roof and the balcony of the buillding.

The 3 banners write: ‘Freedom to Dimitrakis and to all Anarchists’; the 2nd writes ‘Honour to Lambros Fountas’ and the 3rd writes ‘Freedom to the 6′.

The 6 is referred to the 6 anarchists arrested a few days ago accused by the police for participating to the ‘Revolutionary Stuggle’; Lambros Fountas is the anarchist who was killed by the police in March and Giannis Dimitrakis is the anarchist who is in jail for a bank robbery, today is a call for international solidarity to Dimitrakis.

anarchist solidarity


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