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Revolutionary Peoples' Party

No-one | 25.04.2010 12:55 | SOCPA | Ecology | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Why lots of people should occupy Parliament Square from Mayday and inspire others to get out on the streets on election day

Election Broadcasts

From Ian, Yodet and Chris:

From Danny :
>> It's an election! A chance for YOU to have your say and make a difference!
>> seems that whichever way you vote, hung parliament or not, we're
>> going to end up with either Labour or the Tories back in power. Again.
>> Woop-de-doo.
>> It's easy to get depressed by this - but don't get depressed. Watch this
>> video instead:
>> If you like it, then please spread it around and encourage lots of other
>> people to watch it too, and ask THEM to pass it on to other people until
>> loads of people have watched it and then we'll all get together and have
>> some sort of revolution or something. It'll be fun. I'll bring biscuits.

May 1st and beyond
Democracy Camp for the Election
Bring pop up tents!

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