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Bristol: Serco van torched

Freedom | 20.04.2010 14:49

In the early hours of Tuesday, April 20th, a van belonging to Serco - a big player in the contruction and management of private prisons - was torched in Montpellier, north Bristol.

We took this action to express our solidarity with the anarchist comrades in Turin whom the Italian state continues to attack under the pracarious appearance of conspiracy, for nothing other than the distribution of anti-racist propaganda. We also attack for the comrades in Greece accused of participation in the 'terrorist' organization, Revolutionary Struggle.

Need it be said that we remember Alfredo and Christos, imprisoned in Korrydallos for a revolutionary act of expropriation against a bank in Trikala last October.

Until every filthy manifestation of this social prison in nothing but broken glass and burnt rubble, we will continue to fight.



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21.04.2010 10:10

beautifull. more please. burn the scum.


exelent comrades!

21.04.2010 17:24

solidarity is our weapon!
nothing is finish!! action now!! evrywere!!

act! or shutup!


21.04.2010 18:24

nice one! this will be covered by insurance of course, but that's not the point. it's symbolic and also the more it happens the more the insurance premiums will be.



21.04.2010 21:41

Like it!



23.04.2010 13:02

please give a rough idea on how it was done. spread the method. spread the word. hopefully it'll catch like wildfires!!!