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What fascism is and how to fight it - a dayschool, Sheffield, 24 April

Sheffield AWL | 19.04.2010 14:55 | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Sheffield

Two years of capitalist economic crisis have seen a sharp growth of the BNP and the rise of groups like the English Defence League. Existing anti-fascist campaigns have been totally ineffective at stopping these developments. Why?

This dayschool, organised by Workers' Liberty, is an attempt to locate a socialist understanding of the BNP and EDL in the classical Marxist tradition of analysing fascism, and use that tradition to get to grips with the issues confronting anti-fascists so urgently today.

What fascism is and how to fight - a Sheffield AWL dayschool

11-3.30pm, Saturday 24 April
Sheffield University Union

Facebook event here


11am Opening plenary: the capitalist crisis and the rise of the far right
11.30am How do Marxists understand fascism? Trotsky on the rise of Nazism
12.40pm Break
a) What are the BNP and EDL?
b) Nationalism, migration and the working class
a) 'No platform', free speech, self-defence and the state
b) What's wrong with 'don't vote Nazi'? The politics of UAF and Searchlight

The school closes 3.30pm, after which we will be going to Firth Park to campaign against fascist candidate Mark Collett, recently expelled from the BNP, using this leaflet from the Socialist Campaign to Stop the Tories and Fascists.
The BNP have been trying to build a base in Firth Park.

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