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iLL Citizen | 18.04.2010 14:39 | Other Press | Social Struggles

An invitation to all activists and campaigners to meet and discuss contributing to Counterfire and broadening the activist network in Nottingham.

Counterfire Flyer
Counterfire Flyer


There is going to be a meeting soon to talk about and inform people about an exciting new news and theory website:

Counterfire is a news website "from the movements, for the movements", and thus is seeking contributors from different regions involved in campaigns across the country.

This will be a meeting to find out about how Counterfire works, what makes it unique from other news websites and publications, how campaigners and activists all across the country could benefit from your involvement, and how you can get involved.

(i'd like to note here Counterfire is to be considered an additional means of publishing news and activities to a different audience, and is dedicated to working with other news websites / organisations etc.)

The meeting will be held at The Art Organisation, 21 Station Street on Tuesday, 20th. April, and will include a talk and presentation from Elaine Graham-Leigh (leading member of the Campaign against Climate Change) followed by questions and a discussion, supplemented by a steady flow of tea and biscuits. The meeting starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm.

If you know of anybody who you feel might be interested in attending please forward this message on to them.

Kind regards,

CF Notts

iLL Citizen
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