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Put Clive Jefferson on the spot - live!

Lancaster Unity | 13.04.2010 10:26 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

Your chance to quiz the BNP's National Organiser

Clive Jefferson, the BNP's National Organiser and PPC for Copeland, is making himself available (whoopee) for a live webchat tomorrow at 1pm, thanks to the Times and Star newspaper.

Not that I agree with giving scum like Jefferson a platform but it could be an opportunity to ask him a number of interesting questions like how the BNP would deal with drug dealers if they ever came to power, how the BNP would treat people claiming disability benefits who also worked as 'security' personnel on the side and whether it's true that all the BNP's assets have been shifted over to one of Jim Dowson's companies to avoid losing them in the event that the party went bankrupt (constituting fraud). I'm sure you can think of many relevant questions to ask this beady-eyed thug.

Bear in mind that the 'chat' will be moderated, and the Times and Star will 'assess' all questions before they are allowed through, so keep it fairly polite and let's hope this newspaper has the good sense to allow some questions that might cause this incoherent idiot some problems.

To join the webchat, go here:

Lancaster Unity

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