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Anti-Election Stall

Election Fraud | 12.04.2010 19:14 | Repression

Stall in Old Market Square on Saturday, 17th. April

Election fever is spreading and the virus needs to be attacked. There will be a stall with placards, leaflets, badges and a megaphone in Old Market Square, Nottingham from 11.00 to 13.00 on Saturday, 17th. April. Come along, bring your own material and join in this public health campaign.

Election Fraud
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keep sherwood parking free

15.04.2010 16:03

im also in sherwood, arguing for the scrapping of the new proposal to charge volunteers and other workers money to park and work in sherwood, from 1pm onward on saturday.
incidentally, councillor jane urquhart, representing labour in sherwood, will be in sherwood in the morning trying to ply the community with bullshit to get her elected to euro-MP status......just in case anyone wants to join us.....

keep sherwood parking free

how did this go?

17.04.2010 16:01

afraid i couldn't make this but interested to see how this went down with people. are there any online versions of stuff you distributed?

and are you aware of this?