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BP hit by nationwide protests over plans

Felix Gonzales | 10.04.2010 23:15 | Tar Sands | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles

Activists hailed the day as a major success, stating that the protests would send a strong message to BP and its investors. Sheila Laughlin of the UK Tar Sands Network said:

Today, we did exactly what we set out to do we hit BPs profits by shutting down their petrol stations, and we hit their brand by informing thousands of people about their destructive tar sands plans. Nearly everyone we spoke to was shocked and outraged by the horrific climate, ecological and human impacts of tar sands extraction. If BP want to completely alienate the UK public, theyre going about it in exactly the right way.

Checkout the great quote from Andy Slaughter - Labour Candidate for Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush relating to the peaceful protest.

Checkout the video of the day here

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11.04.2010 18:47

Brilliant day, great video. thankyou everyone, lets keep up the pressure!

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