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Reclaim The Streets -- Making Election Day Worth Getting Outdoors

reclaimtheseats | 10.04.2010 12:33

It may be the most important election in our lifetimes; it certainly looks to be the closest. Many are disillusioned, many are apathetic, many believe it's a contest between clowns for the lesser of a few feebles. Whatever you believe, we can all agree that the election could do with being a hell of a lot more FUN.

RECLAIM THE SEATS aims to turn the election into a festival, and bring the people together instead of dividing them.

The problem with democracy in our country, is that while on the one hand it's terribly important, on the other hand it's paint-dry, kettle-stare, grass-mow, statistics-study, shipping-forecast BORING. At least, for a lot of people it seems to be...

What's not boring? STREET PARTY.

Let's make May 6th a good old fashioned street carnival, an elaborate celebration of the many cultures and values that we hold dear. Let's make election day FUN!

Taking example from the hugely successful Reclaim The Streets rallies, but aiming to be completely inclusive, let's give everyone who has a stake in the future of the country a reason to get out on May the 6th, have a wee vote and a massive party.

Music, Dancing, Art, Food, Drink, Love, Freedom


How you can get involved:
(•) make us a logo!
(•) start or join a local planning committee for your electoral area -- create local event pages
(•) help spread the word and secure the involvement of local communities
(•) design banners, flyers, posters or general art
(•) get a band or sound-system to participate
(•) approach election candidates and political party representatives to get them on board
(•) organise free-shops, work-shop, talk-shops, readings, feedings, seedlings, anything that's fun and free


We would especially like to get in touch with organisers of previous street events and anyone with experience of safely planning mass assemblies. If you have been involved with a Reclaim the Streets event, or some other large gathering of people, DO get in touch.

It's vitally important that RECLAIM THE SEATS does not in any way interfere with people voting, so we need to take extra care not to impede people's access or inclination to the polling stations.


Some say this will be the most important election of our lifetime.... Who knows, but let's make it the most entertaining! :)

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