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don’t vote – organise! | 10.04.2010 09:07 | Liverpool | Sheffield

The Other Campaign 2010 was initiated by Liverpool Solidarity Federation.

The Other Campaign 2010 was initiated by Liverpool Solidarity Federation.

The aim is to build a loose network of anti-capitalist, libertarian groups and individuals who believe that:

1. Politics must be liberated from the rotten influence of politicians and bureaucrats. As individuals we must take back control over our lives and not allow power to be exercised on our behalf.
2. The anti-working class agenda of our corrupt political elite (such as the imminent wave of public sector cuts) will not be defeated through the ballot box, but on the streets and picket lines.

In response to the inevitably grotesque spectacle of the upcoming General Election campaign in the UK, we will promote ideas including:

* Direct action
* Working-class anti-fascism
* Mutual aid
* Solidarity
* Non-hierarchical community/workplace activism

To find out more, add your organisation to the list of sponsors or associate your local activities with the campaign, please email

The belief in parties is the main reason for the impotence of the working class; therefore we avoid forming a new party—not because we are too few, but because a party is an organization that aims to lead and control the working class. In opposition to this, we maintain that the working class can rise to victory only when it independently attacks its problems and decides its own fate. The workers should not blindly accept the slogans of others, nor of our own groups but must think, act, and decide for themselves.

~ Anton Pannekoek, ‘Party and Class’.

Get involved

Although it is a national initiative, the success of the Other Campaign depends on local organisations and communities rolling up their sleeves and digging in.

Our aim is not to gather followers who will heed the commands of a central committee. It is not to parachute into an area as outsiders, deliver leaflets, and disappear never to be seen again. It is to lay the foundations for community activism based on local people taking action within their own areas, and to show that it is possible to build and maintain a national movement whilst maintaining a non-hierarchical structure based on voluntary association.

If you want to take part in something that the Other Campaign is not yet doing, or produce literature that emphasises something we have yet to focus on, you can!

Everyone participating in the campaign has the right to author leaflets, pamphlets, posters etc. These can be uploaded, shared and critiqued on the campaign’s Google Group.

The Group exists specifically to facilitate such discussion and allow for a sharing of ideas without the worry that you’ll be ignored because you’re too new to the campaign or you haven’t earned enough brownie points.

Whether you’re a seasoned activist or just looking into it for the first time, it doesn’t matter. There is no ladder to climb, only a community and a voice to reclaim. So get involved!

Contact & subscribe

Although it was initiated by the Liverpool Solidarity Federation, the Other Campaign is not a front for the ideas of any single group. The entire purpose is to build a network of like-minded groups and individuals for a working class, libertarian response to the hollow spectacle of electoral politics.

If you want to find out more, to add your organisation’s name to the list of sponsors, or to associate local activities with the campaign, drop us a line. Our email is theothercampaign{at}

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We need to do more than shout abuse at the parasites that feed of The Working Class, here is our opportunity to put forward Anarchist thought and practice, we might laugh at the events within The BNP shame no fucker gave some people an ax nowt like a good butchering to deal with some scum, so here we go if you are on Facebook Twitter so forth use these #UKElection #DONTVOTE #MAY6TH add those parasites erm politicians to your feed each time they update reply with #UKElection #DONTVOTE #MAY6TH and lets show it is more than fucking apathy why we #DONTVOTE but contempt our time is now or stay the same comrades..


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You need a meaningful vote!!!!

10.04.2010 21:33

To Organise the destruction of the Tory Party for not recovering the family silver Thatcher sold cheap to her foreign friends. And to Organise the destruction of the Labour Party for betraying Socialism.

We will be censored if we suggest appropriate punishments for those Politicians who have sold out to stupid bigoted Capitalists who are destroying Capitalism and wrecking the World.

For a meaningful vote there must be a hung Parliament. Having destroyed the Tory and Labour traitor Parties, there will be a major party of LibDems with assorted Celtic Nationalists, UKIP, and perhaps even some BNP to stop them forming an unrestrained Government.

That is the best possible outcome of this mess. It will be a pretty good mess, might even be enough of a mess to let reality clobber those stupid bigoted Capitalists who hire workers to run the factories that create te pollution that destoys God's Creation.

Have a good laugh, but vote whatever it will take to destroy both Labour and Tory.