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Dr Douglas Griffith | 08.04.2010 11:14 | University Occupations for Gaza | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | Cambridge

Details in brief

Date: Wednesday 14th April 2010
Time: Meeting to start 7.45 pm
Location: Friends Meeting House,12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA.

As with the Iraq war, the Afghan conflict is now deeply unpopular with the British public. A majority of the electorate want the withdrawal of all British troops. However, the main political parties continue to support the war and are reluctant to address the issue in the run-up to the upcoming general election.

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition, together with the Cambridge Palestine Forum and Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Campaign, has therefore organised a hustings for Cambridge's general election candidates for Wednesday 14th April at 7.45 pm at the Friends Meeting House. The meeting will allow members of the public to question the candidates on their attitude to the war, and the continued deployment of British troops in Afghanistan. But it will also allow a debate on broader issues relating to the economic and social costs of the war.

The hustings meeting will be attended by:
Martin Booth, Cambridge Socialists; Nick Hillman, Conservative; Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat; Tony Juniper, Green candidate. Other candidates are invited

Cambridge Stop the War Coalition enjoys support from across the political spectrum, and the organisers stress that they do not favour any party or parties in the election.


Notes to the editor:

1. For more information contact: Douglas Griffith, email:, tel / text 07596 978184.

2. For more information on Stop the War Coalition visit website,

Dr Douglas Griffith
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