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The crews of US helicopters are cowards

Res White | 07.04.2010 12:44

and war criminals. As are the "Drone Killers".

ha ha ha
ha ha ha

The crew of the helicopter “Crazyhorse” are war criminals.

"Ha ha ha. I hit 'em," shouts a crewmember as he kills civilians.

And now this is going on everyday in Afghanistan.

These war criminal cowards have to be stopped.

Mark Taylor an international law expert and a director at the Fafo Institute for International Studies in Norway, told Al Jazeera the evidence so far "indicated that there's a case to be made that a war crime may have been committed".

"It's the American authorities, the US military that has to take a closer look at this investigation.

"There are questions about the way the investigation was conducted and whether or not it was done in a proper manner," he said.

Res White