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Climate Camp 2008

Lynn Sawyer | 06.04.2010 14:44 | Climate Camp 2008 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Repression | South Coast

I have just got back my Data Protection Act request stuff concerning Climate camp 2008

It marks me out as of "Urgent Interest" all highlighted like! Not sure whether it is a complement or not.....

They also seem to think that I was planning something naughty for one/all of the hotels which were housing police officers,( as if!) and seem rather disturbed about me moving my tent and keeping an eye on them.

They are not giving me any stop and search forms or anything really interesting but I am just interested in whether or not other people have had the same sort of stuff mainly a refusal to give the forms.

When I spoke to the person who was dealing with all of this she said she was snowed under using this as an excuse to breach the 40 day limit the Data Protection Act dictates (by over a week). Of course we can not allow such wanton lawbreaking to continue unabated so I have complained to the Information Commissioner about the lateness of the information and wondered if anyone else has be treated in the same way?.

Lynn Sawyer


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