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London Mayday demo dawn arrests.

Braz | 06.04.2010 10:43

New is filtering out that the Thought police have mounted Dawn arrests of demonstrators planning to attend the Mayday demonstration in London. Anyone have any more details, the number of people rounded up by the Thought police is unknown but arrests have been made of people who they believe may be "thinking" of protesting.

From the BBC "Similar London Mayday anti-capitalist events have been marred by violence. Met police said some arrests had been made overnight.
'Additional heat'
Ch Insp Mark Payne said police knew who some of the main protagonists were.
"As part of the preparation we have made some arrests overnight to deal with some people who might be placing additional heat on the demonstration.
"We look very closely at who we think it is going to cause trouble and we have people on the ground who will be able to indentify them to local officers," he said.
It is not clear how many arrests were made or on what grounds they were made.
Police said they had tried to meet with organisers of the Mayday protests, but the organisers had been totally unco-operative.