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MayDay 2010 in Nottingham : Fight Back

Mayday Group | 03.04.2010 10:30

Nottingham will be celebrating MayDay on May 1st this year in Victoria Park. There will be a march and a rally with music, speakers, stalls and catering by Veggies. Come with the spirit to Fight Back against everything that's thrown at us. May 1st is our day.

Front of flyer
Front of flyer

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Back of flyer

This year’s rally will take place in Victoria Park, Bath Street - near the Victoria Leisure Centre (which the City Council has just closed) and near Sneinton Market. Assemble at 11 am, Saturday May 1st. There will be a march leaving Victoria Park at 12 for Speaker’s Corner (Clough statue). Then we return to Victoria Park for music, stalls, speakers and more.

In the last few years, we have celebrated MayDay at Brewhouse Yard, but this year the council turned down our request to hold it there again. They have also imposed new regulations and charges on us, and made us jump through lots of hoops. So please come and protect our right to protest and to march - Nottingham belongs to us, not to the council. Please contact us if you would like a stall at the rally - suggested donation £5.


Is your workload heavier, your hours longer but your money still the same? Are your managers lacking not only humanity but basic common sense? Do they regard your health and safety as a form filling exercise? Do they make you feel guilty for taking time off sick – is it work that’s making you ill in the first place?

Last year, New Labour bailed out the banks to the tune of £1,200,000,000,000. Now all the establishment parties expect us to pay for the capitalist economic crisis by massive cuts in public spending, wage restraint, attacks on benefits, and tax rises. In Nottingham, around 400 City Council workers will have to pay for their managers’ profligate waste of your council tax with their jobs. Services for the disabled and elderly will also be cut.

· Proposed closure of Riverside Residential Home (Bulwell) for adults with learning disabilities.
· Closure of the Willows Older Persons Day Centre at weekends.
· New £2 daily charge for attendance at all Adult Day Centres.
· Cuts in day care for adults living in Residential and Nursing Homes.
· 3% Increase in charges for Homecare, meals at home and transport to Day Centres.
· Cuts in City Council Deaf Service.
· Closure of several community libraries

We say “We won’t pay for their crisis!” It's time to Fight Back.

Join the May Day march. Protest about our shoddy councils, public spending cuts, and attacks on the working class; but also protest about environmental degradation, racism, imperialism, war, climate change, police violence, persecution of asylum seekers, cruelty, closed borders, fascism, arms dealers, militarism, surveillance, the closure of much-loved facilities and a thousand and one other things that are in desperate need of change. And also remember to celebrate the good we have made!

Bring friends, colleagues, neighbours and family. Bring flags, banners, placards and balloons. Bring whistles, drums and loud voices. But above all, bring the spirit to Fight Back!

MAYDAY 2010 is organized by Nottingham May Day Committee (the same bunch as last year), supported by the Mansfield and Nottingham Trade Union Congress.

Please print out and display the flyer - thanks.

Mayday Group
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