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British Involvement in Extraordinary Rendition and Torture (20 April, SOAS)

London Guantánamo Campaign | 01.04.2010 16:35 | Guantánamo

A pre-election on British involvement in extraordinary rendition and torture, asking representatives of the four main political parties what they would do about these matters. Come and join us as we discuss these topical issues.

The London Guantánamo Campaign
Invites you to

Question Time on British Involvement in Extraordinary Rendition and Torture

A pre-election panel discussion with candidates from each of the four main political parties:

Shahrar Ali, Green Party (Brent Central)
Andrew Tyrie, Conservative Party (Chichester)
Liberal Democrat and Labour Party representatives TBC

Chaired by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam (SOAS)

On Tuesday 20 April, from 18:00-20:00
In the Khalili Lecture Theatre (KLT), SOAS, Thornhaugh Street,
WC1X 9EW (nearest underground: Russell Square)

Despite years of denial, there has been a slow trickle of evidence of British involvement in the CIA’s extraordinary rendition programme and torture overseas. Allegations have been serious enough for several criminal cases to have been brought against the security services for involvement in torture abroad.

Extraordinary rendition consists essentially of kidnap and torture. Both are illegal under British and international law. Calls have been made at all levels, from within parliament, from civil society, and even by the United Nations, for an inquiry into Britain’s collusion in these activities. The British public, victims and parliament have a right to know the truth about the government’s involvement in these serious human rights violations.

We invite you to listen to speakers from each of the four main political parties giving their views on the issue. They will be asked to speak about how we can ensure that these issues cannot arise again, whether they think there should be an inquiry, and if so, what form should it take. This will be followed by questions from the floor. Join us as we put these essential questions and others to our panel of speakers.

Event sponsored by: Research Student Society (SOAS).
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