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RBS out of order over Tar Sands

Dan Stars | 01.04.2010 10:23 | Tar Sands | Climate Chaos | South Coast

Royal Bank of Scotland cashpoints have fallen prey to an April fools prank in protest at RBS's investments in Canadian tar sands.

The cashpoints were disabled by local activist group Brighton Against Tar Sands (BATS) with signs which read 'Investing in tar sands is OUT OF ORDER'. The signs were fixed to half a dozen cashpoints in Brighton and Lewes in the early hours of Thursday (1st April) morning.

The practical joke had a serious message. Tar sands oil extraction in Alberta, Canada is the single largest industrial CO2 emitter on the planet and has been responsible for destoying an area of ancient forest the size of England.

It is also home to First Nation tribes who have lived off the land for millenia. Due to the pollution they now have high rates of cancer and are losing their ancient hunting grounds.

BATS spokesperson Dan Stars said: "RBS is out of order. Tar sands is likely to be responsible for runaway climate change if the exploitation continues unchecked. It is wholly irresponsible for the bank to invest in what amounts to tarmageddon."

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