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Gaza Protestors Sentencing Under Scrutiny.

Justice for Gaza | 25.03.2010 13:12 | Palestine | Repression | World

A number of the Gaza protestors have achieved victory in recent cases.

The first appeal was heard today and the Appeal Judges took 15 minutes to rule that the defendant should not be serving a custodial sentence! The defendant is now back at home with family.

One defendant who appeared in court yesterday was found not guilty on the grounds that the prosecution withdrew their evidence as they believed it would not help result in a conviction!

The first two cases of defendants pleading not guilty were heard last week and resulted in a not guilty verdict.

"Today, Gaza protester Layla Lahouidek walked free from prison today after a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice. She has also had her sentence dramatically reduced."

Yesterday, Counterfire reported that:

"Lawyers representing Jake Smith, charged with violent disorder, managed to secure his release after the Crown effectively dropped the case and he was found not guilty.

The Crown declined to present evidence after admitting some of the video evidence was doubtful and that there had been an 'episode' on the 10th January demonstration which would impact on the case.

The defence barrister Nick Wrack clarified in court that in fact some of the video evidence did not feature Jake Smith at all and that the 'episode' referred to was an assault by the police on Jake which had been caught on camera.

This legal victory must cast serious doubt on the police operation at the demonstrations and their subsequent behaviour."

A number of families have begun working with Imran Khan on appeals. A number of appeals will be heard next week.

The Judge responsible for the harsh sentences handed out so far, declared that he was making an example of the defendants.

A protest will be held outside Isleworth Crown Court from 9.30am on Friday March 26th, as more defendants appear in front of District Judge Dennis.

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