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EDL Planning Deadly Race Riots

Steel City Guy | 24.03.2010 00:28 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield

The media and the riot police in Bolton portrayed the so-called "English Defence League" as friendly, happy-go-lucky "treehuggers", but the ugly truth shone through later Saturday evening when a gang of chanting EDL thugs gathered in a pub on Oldham Road, Middleton intent on violence.

Annoying other customers, the fascist drunkards soon turned abusive. When told to leave by the bar manager, they turned violent, jumping on one of the pub regulars from behind, viciously assaulting him. When another man intervened to help his friend, the EDL cowards stabbed the second man with a cut-throat blade.

Behind the spindoctoring of the EDL, they remain as dangerous as ever. This is no proper political outfit. The vast majority of EDL members are hardened football hooligans who thanks to a steadfast anti-fascist presence were unable to engage their boots, fists and knife blades against their opponents.

EDL streetfighters do not warm to standing around like headless chickens listening to half-baked speeches about politics. If they are not able to beat up people, they quicly succomb to boredom, which is one of the reasons they get blasted in garish chain pubs before, during and after their protests. A "sanitised" police-friendly EDL does not offer the buzz of raw violence that sustains the ego of the average football hooligan, thus if EDL thugs are to be regularly restrained during their rallies by their own leadership, more and more will we see extreme violence erupt afterwards.

Rumours of the EDL "top knobs" grassing up their hooligan supporters in a police station interrogation room in Sheffield, adds an extra dimension to the perceived swing in policing and media bias. Whatever the truth behind these rumours, (the expression "no smoke without fire" comes to mind) if the next few EDL rallies are stage-managed in a similar way to the London and Bolton invasions, the organisation will lose its fanbase, leaving desperate measures to keep their "muscle" onside.

Unlike Geert Wilders's extreme rightwing political party which has political ambitions, run by the puppetmasters of the BNP, Chris Renton's EDL will never run for parliament. All they are concerned with is spreading hatred, fear and violence throughout the land they falsely claim to defend. Trevor Kelway's illusion of peaceful law-abiding nationalist campaigners was shattered early on Saturday night when the pent-up hate of drunken EDLers led to this stabbing frenzy, but far, far worse is yet to come.

To satisy the wet dreams of disillusioned football hooligans and hardcore white supremacists, the leadership of the EDL will very shortly double-cross the cops and unleash the world's bloodiest race riot with numerous fatalities, BNP/BPP/BFF and Combat18 neo-Nazi fanatics combining to engineer Britain's most horrific far right terrorist outrage since David Copeland went on his deadly murder spree.

Steel City Guy


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