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Prison Sentence for Driving 35 in 30 Limit

Jan Janulewicz | 20.03.2010 09:14 | Analysis | Repression | Cambridge

I have been sent to prison for driving 35 in a 30 limit. Are we living in a totalitarian police state?
Courts are passing one sentence for the rich and another for the poor. People who cannot afford legal representation are simply thrown in Jail.

After receiving a prison sentence for driving 35 in a 30 limit, I have written the following to MP David Howeth. Don't expect him to listen of course.

When I ask my peers why don’t they vote, the most common answer is that there is no one to vote for.

I have started to question the criminal justice system recently, and question in depth. When I tell you my story I want you to know that I speak on behalf of the growing and many disenfranchised people in this country. I have appeared in a magistrate’s court over driving 35 in a thirty limit. I have now received a 28-day prison sentence, suspended for 4 months until I pay them fine of 407 pounds. I did not receive the court letters due to short-term homelessness…. The fine is ten per cent of my annual income. I appealed to the magistrate’s court and was not given the chance to speak but given a prison sentence instead. If anything goes wrong for example a direct debit not going through or an unexpected bank charge, I will go to prison. THIS IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. I am trying to save enough money to continue my studies, and a 400 pound fine and a month in prison for driving 35 in a thirty limit is absurd in today’s society. Debtor’s prisons were abolished over 100 years a go. How on earth is this in the public interest?. Why are people like me going to prison for driving 35 in a 30 limit when people are given community service orders for violent crime burglary and rape? If I am guilty of speeding and don’t have any money, why not give me some community work instead of sending me to the university of crime. I thought we lived in a liberal society yet it from my own experience of society, it is evident we are living in a police state and legislation is simply another form of taxation. Politicians claim to be lowering the rates of tax while raising public spending, yet 36000 new pieces of legislation in the last ten years mean that the poor people who can’t afford to pay their debts off quickly are inevitably charged more. The same systems used on low limit credit cards. This ideology should have been finally and permenantly abolished in the 21st century, just like apartheid was. We have laws against racism and sexual discrimination, yet the entire system is guilty of ‘poorism’ where it claims to be based on socialist principles.

I have come to tell you that many millions of people like myself have no faith in our legal, social and political systems and institutions. We all know that politics is an institution as well.

John Harris has been giving talks on constitutional law all over the country. It has had 100000 viewings in one year on YouTube and all the young people are talking about it. The peoples united community set out to educate the uneducated on how legalese, politics and law, even money…….is all an illusion and the criminal justice system is used as yet another form of taxation by the government. It is good to see a whole generation who does not vote finally take an interest in constitutional matters. The reason that so many young people have started to take an interest in politics and law is because they have no faith in our systems or what they are being taught in our schools.

The Lib Dems. Claim to promote civil liberties yet the courts which you endorse send me the message that we are in fact living in a police state. My grandmother escaped from a soviet Czechoslovakian police state, yet the apparatus of this state not only exist in Great Britain but are also being used against many people like me. The apparatus of surveillance and databases is making the public mis trustful of the state; Which most young people feel is more often oppressive than beneficial.

The unreasonable enforcement of statutes is not in the public interest. It is another form of taxation aimed at group of people who will never be allowed to prosper, continue to be denied their right to education and live in a kingdom of fear: forced to blindly accept a dominant ideology under the pre text that it is for their own safety.

Politicians say they want to see more people young people vote, yet fail to see that intelligent people cannot reasonably have any faith in our system of politics, or ‘pseudo democracy’ , where the people have no say in major decisions such as war and economy.

If you want young people to vote for you, we need fairer policing, fairer justice systems and free universities. This includes the reclassification of ecstasy which currently ranks along side cocaine and heroin, though research shows its use can be safe and enjoyable. Accept that society has changed and the law just hasn’t kept up with it. The reason the police have such trouble tackling the problem is because they simply do not understand it. Amongst police and politicians, and ecstasy user is stereotyped as some kind of crazed and violent criminal, ranking alongside murderers in terms of sentencing. This is far from the truth.

Many people, myself among them feel that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes for far too long. Institutions have replaced communities. Religions have maintained power over us. The state wishes people to be dependent on it. People are starting to have access to more sources of information such as the internet. people are starting to wake up.

I speak on behalf of all the young people like myself who would become teachers, doctors or anything else which benefits society, yet have convictions for cannabis and their details stored on the criminal records bureau. On drugs, why don’t politicians commission some serious science and not just fiddle statistics to promote their own views?

It appears that by definition we do not have a system of justice. What is a small fine (punishment) for one person is a crippling sentence for another. Where is the justice?

Jan Janulewicz


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