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Guardian: Undercover policeman reveals how he d UK's violent activists

RePost | 14.03.2010 11:13

Useful for those who want/need to know. Funny how these violent activists are not contrasted with the police, which the video links to the deaths of at least 3 people. His 'chilling account' is hardly chilling - he got involved in a few demonstrations that turned violent. Nothing that chilling. Still, the Guardian has a history of writing pro-police rubbish. Worth watching though, and it sounds like the undercover spy's voice can quite easily altered to reveal the original voice should anyone have any questions about who he is....

"An officer from a secretive unit of the Metropolitan police has given a chilling account of how he spent years working undercover among anti-racist groups in Britain, during which he routinely engaged in violence against members of the public and uniformed police officers to maintain his cover.

During his tour of duty, the man – known only as Officer A – also had sexual relations with at least two of his female targets as a way of obtaining intelligence. So convincing was he in his covert role that he quickly rose to become branch secretary of a leading anti-racist organisation that was believed to be a front for Labour's Militant tendency."....



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