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Live updates from Athens on the day of the general strike

atgr | 11.03.2010 11:04 | Repression | Workers' Movements | World

last night, anarchist Lambros Foundas was assassinated by the cops. Today, the strike demonstration was attacked by riot police minutes after it set off. Updates on the Occupied London blog.

12.38 GMT +2 The riot police (MAT) attacked the demo almost as soon as it set off, it seems. There is MAT forces on all the side streets of Patision Avenue; they have tear-gassed the demo. There are clashes around Stournari Street at the moment.

12.03 GMT+2 A reminder for anyone who might be in Athens at the moment: There are absolutely no buses and only line 1 (green) of the Metro is functioning today; the other two lines (underground) and the tram network are all closed down by the strike. Additionally, line 1 is closed in its Piraeus extension for works and reports say there are no replacement buses today, so access to the centre for people coming from the direction of Piraeus will be hard.

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