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another anarchist murdered by cops in Athens, Greece

anon | 10.03.2010 18:57 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

At 5am cops opened fire on 2 people in dafni, a suburb of Athens.
1, an anarchist known to various groups, lies dead. The other is free.
Apparently the relevant government ministry and cops have released information and his photo asking for information...



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any one have

10.03.2010 19:42

any more details on this in english??!

thoughts with the friends&family of those murderd by the state, solidarity with everyone fighting their oppression.


only a few informations from indy athens

10.03.2010 21:47

and from what that will be posted here as the greek revolt updates.
a pigs' mouthpiece from a state owned tv-stations that was "by chance" on the spot described the victim as "typical eastern block styled with boots and tight trousers, definitely a criminal"
the pigs said they "know him from some anarchist clashes around the 1995 occupation of polytechnicum" when pigs broke the asylum and arrested 500.

speculations go like the media/pigs will come up with some "news" about the "robbers in black", "terrorists", "organized crime" "revolutionary fund" as that's the way they think of social bandits if..

regarding pigs they controlled them in a parked car because of "suspicious behaviour", they then left the car and opened fire, one escaped
pigs found a magnum and a hand grenade in the car
(would make more sense to shoot out of the car..?)

the brotha died 35 years old and his name is LAMPROS FOUNTAS

no name