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Sussex Students- Suspended, Excluded, Injuncted

unisux | 09.03.2010 15:27 | Education | Repression | Workers' Movements | South Coast

Following last Wednesday's occupation of Sussex House (Sussex University's senior management HQ) 6 students have been arbitrarily suspended and excluded.

Additionally, the university has been granted a High Court injunction banning people from “entering” or “remaining” on campus without the university’s prior written consent.

At least five Sussex University students have been indefinitely suspended following the peaceful occupation of Sussex House, the main university administration building, on Wednesday 3rd March.

The Vice-Chancellor has overruled the normal disciplinary procedure and suspended the students before presenting them with any evidence of their alleged offences or giving them any opportunity to make their case. The students have been barred from entering campus and their access to computer facilities withdrawn.

This follows the heavy-handed response to the protest by police, who beat back students using dogs, batons and CS spray at the behest of University management

These are completely disproportionate attempts to silence peaceful protest on campus.

The University of Sussex students – dubbed “The Sussex Six” – could now face expulsion after more than 50 protesters stormed Sussex House, at the Falmer campus, on Wednesday.

But the university’s “hardline” response to the demonstration against plans to cut 115 jobs has been slammed by critics who warned it would only inflame the situation.

The university was granted a High Court injunction banning people from “entering” or “remaining” on campus without the university’s prior written consent.

Petition against student suspensions:

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One solution, RISE UP!!

09.03.2010 22:55

Hopefully this strikes up even more protests and revolts on campus. It is the only way to beat hardline tactics that the management have used. If you back down now, you give them a winning formula to stamp out all your future actions against anything you disagree with at the uni.

This is the time when strength in numbers is so, so important, and keeping up the resistance paramount. If you come back at them in large numbers, they can't exclude you all and are unlikely to keep trying to exclude others. The current exclusions don't even sound like they will be upheld.

Obviously, the University will want to make examples out of people to scare off the current campaign and all future protest on the campus. Just ignore them and come back twice as strong. These kind of bully-boy tactics are way out of line and should be responded to with increased resistance.

Best of luck to you all!


I see they have re-occupied!

12.03.2010 19:36

"Update: Second day of occupation.
"March 12, 2010
"We have been here for nearly twenty-four hours. We still haven’t had our demands met or any further contact from management since they came to collect the petition and our demands yesterday afternoon.
"Late into the evening we planned a teach-in day of debate, critical discussion and action between all students, workers and staff. Afterwards we rested our heads.
"There will be a demonstration today at 3 p.m. Library Square in support of the occupation and against the cuts and suspensions.
"We call for you to JOIN US in our programme across the following days, student, worker or just someone intrigued."